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Xiantianado Xiantiandao ('Way of Former Heaven', or "Way of the Primordial"), also simply Tiandao ('Way of Heaven”) is one of the most productive currents of Chinese folk religious sects such as the White Lotus Sect, characterised by representing the principle of divinity as feminine and by a concern for salvation (moral completion) of mankind.

Xiantiandao was founded in Jiangxi in the 17th century CE Qing dynasty as an offshoot of the Venerable Officials' teaching of fasting.  It has also been traced to the earlier Wugongdao ("Way of the Five Lords"), a Yuan dynasty offshoot of the White Lotus tradition.

The Xiantiandao religions were considered unorthodox and suppressed throughout the history of China; they are still mostly forbidden in Mainland China, yet they thrive in Taiwan where at least 7% of the population adheres to some sect derived from the Xiantiandao.

The Xiantiandao movement is not limited only to Chinese-speaking countries, with at least one sect, the Tendo ("Way of Heaven" or "Heavenly Path"), active in Japan.  In Vietnam, "Tiên Thiên Dao" doctrines ultimately influenced the rise of the Minh Dao sects since the 17th century and subsequently of Caodaism in the 20th century.

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