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3HO Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation, also known as 'Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere' or 'Sikh Dharma International', is an American organisation that started in about 1970.  It was founded in the West by Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, also called "Yogi Bhajan".  Its followers are primarily Americans.  Its adherents are popularly referred to as the 'Sikh Dharma Brotherhood'.  While referred to as the 3HO movement, "3HO" is strictly speaking the name only of the movement's educational branch.  Orthodox Sikhs, including the Sikh leadership in Amritsar, do not consider its members to be Sikhs.

3HO is known for including some practices found in certain traditions of Hinduism, such as vegetarianism, meditation and Yoga, particularly Kundalini yoga.  3HO also believes openness to Yoga and spiritual ideas as a source of strength.  Both men and women wear turbans and often wear white clothes.

In 1977, Gurucharan Singh Tohra, former President of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), stated that Harbhajan Singh was not the leader of Sikhism in the Western World as he claimed, and denied Singh's claim that the SGPC had given him the title of Siri Singh Sahib.

4 Hallows There are four traditional ceremonial tools (magical weapons) associated with Ritual Magick, Wicca, and related traditions, which are believed to derive from the Four Hallows (four holies) of the Arthurian Romances, in which the items are used as symbols of metaphysical ideas.  In turn, these are derived from early esoteric and Gnostic Christian ideas.

These tools represent (in magick) the four classical elements, the four directions, and the four archangels.  They comprise the four suits in a pack of Tarot cards and their descendants (playing cards), and the four worlds of creation outlined in Kabbalah.  They also correspond with the four syllables of the Tetragrammaton, the sacred four letter name of God.

In some traditions, there are complex and exacting methods by which the tools are acquired and consecrated for ritual use.  For example, the sword and the spear are weapons of destruction which symbolise archetypal male passion, power and dominance -- aggression, which properly channelled, propels human endeavour.  They are a compulsive, ever-moving force.  The dark, primitive expression of this force is destruction, violence, frustration, and ill will.

The feminine suits, cups, pentacles or patens, are symbols of 'feminine' traits -- receptive, nurturing, and welcoming when correctly used; cruel, lazy, and cold when abused.

The masculine power seeks knowledge and progress, the feminine provides restraining wisdom, guidance, and grounding.  Where the masculine moves and expands, the feminine forms, shapes, and channels.

4 Leaf Clover See Four-leaf Clover.

4 Noble Truths See Four Noble Truths.

5 Great Blessings See Five Great Blessings.

7 Society See Seven Society.

777 See Neo-Nazi Triskele.

1922 Committee (the 22) The 1922 Committee, also known as "the 22", is a committee of all backbench Conservative MPs that meets weekly when the Commons is sitting.  Its chair, usually a senior MP, is elected by committee members and has considerable influence within the Parliamentary Party.

Despite its name, the 1922 Committee was actually set up in April 1923 CE following an initiative by new Conservative MPs elected at the 1922 General Election to facilitate cooperation within the party.

Entry from the Chairman’s Diary 2003

“As Westminster was rocked by rumours that letters were flying in and the Conservative leader was about to face a no confidence vote, the chairman of the 1922 Committee told his diary: “I am probably now at the peak of my career/influence in the party.  It will no doubt be downhill now.”

The leader was Iain Duncan Smith, the chairman was Sir Michael (now Lord) Spicer, and the year was 2003.  But Sir Graham Brady, who succeeded Sir Michael as the Conservative backbenchers' shop steward and keeper of the letters, may well recognise the sentiment.”

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